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Noah Webster's 1828 Dictionary:

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

No other dictionary compares with the Webster's 1828 dictionary.  The English language has changed again and again and in many instances has become corrupt.  "The American Dictionary of the English Language" is based upon God's written word, for Noah Webster used the Bible as the foundation for his definitions.  This standard reference tool will greatly assist students of all ages in their studies.  From American History to literature, from science to the Word of God, this dictionary is a necessity.  For homeschoolers as well as avid Bible scholars it is easy, fast, and sophisticated.

The 1828 dictionary reflects our nation's Christian heritage, and the Christian philosophy for life, government, and education. We present this magnificent work hoping that it will be a great blessing to all who seek to use it in their studies. This service is provided by Christian Tech located at

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